Verizon CEO Says Future 5G Promise is “Wireless Fiber”

Earlier this year, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told investors the company is looking into gigabit Wi-Fi technology instead of its Google Fiber strategy.

Beaming and Beamforming @ Cape Town Comedy Club

Last week, the Cape Town Comedy Club was the venue of a casual yet informative (and most definitely fun-filled) RADWIN evening.

RADWIN Resilience Testing - Prison Break style!

From over 10 years experience working with RADWIN radios, they have proven continually to be a truly 'carrier-grade' solution.

Now it's not only the trains that can go high-speed!

RADWIN's FiberinMotion solution enhances the passengers travel experience by providing reliable, stable, true high-speed internet access in transit.

Google Fiber stops digging‚ looks to wireless

Netflix, Skype, YouTube, video conferencing, IP TV - you name it, bandwidth-hungry service has become an essential part of our 21st century lives.

Partner Solutions Conference in South Africa

Over 50 partners from 20 different companies were in attendance - from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya and others.