The smart way to reduce CCTV site costs

Are you looking to reduce your CCTV site costs?

Smart-Node is an all-in-one outdoor power and communications solution for video surveillance deployments. Eliminating the need to build costly communication cabinets from scratch, Smart-Node comes ready-to-install and supports a wide variety of power and networking interfaces for CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, fiber, IoT gateways, loudspeakers, infra-red projectors and other third-party devices.

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Now that more and more governments and municipalities worldwide are launching safe city initiatives, System Integrators are wasting countless hours designing and building tailor-made communication cabinets for each deployment's specifications - to house multiple vendor products (e.g., power supply, switch/router, power outlets, UPS, fans, radios, dry contacts).

To connect and power all these parts, the SI also needs to address the wiring and assembly, and test the final product to ensure proper integration and check everything works accordingly.

This multi-phase, labor-intensive and non-standard process can result in high costs and drawn-out deployment schedules. In addition, the cabinet BOM is not always optimized and occasionally some of the incorporated devices are not fully integrated, leading to low-quality and unnecessary expenses.

The heavy weight of these cabinets and the lack of a unified management system can further complicate installation and maintenance - adding additional time and expenses. Their bulky size also leaves a lot to be desired in both aesthetic and operational aspects.

RADWIN Smart-Node is sleeker and more economical, plus it's faster and easier to deploy!

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Smart-Node features a unified smart management system for remote configuration, monitoring and control. Smart-Node is a remarkably compact, IP-67 grade solution that guarantees low visual impact for street-level deployments and requires low maintenance due to its high quality and resistance to extreme temperatures.

In a nutshell, Smart-Node makes video surveillance deployments a whole lot easier, while significantly reducing surveillance site costs (both CapEx and OpEx).

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Find out more about Smart-Node for Video Surveillance