It doesn’t have to be laborious or expensive to make cities safer

As urban populations grow, public safety and security are becoming key concerns for governments and municipalities, who are proactively seeking more effective ways to prevent crime, deter anti-social behavior and enhance safety.

The most common approach taken by municipalities is to install advanced surveillance systems equipped with High Definition IP-cameras, PA speakers, panic buttons, alarms, advanced solutions for facial recognition and more. Such systems are installed across the city and specifically in trouble spots such as parks, schools, railway stations, tourist & industrial areas, ports and airports.

The extensive volume of surveillance footage is transmitted to a Network Operations Centre (NOC) where security personnel can monitor the data and immediately respond to real-time situations. However, to ensure effective operations and real-time HD video streaming, a reliable high capacity broadband connection is a must.  Failure to deploy a quality connection can result in data loss, blind spots and high latency and jitter that can significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the surveillance system. 

One way to provide broadband connectivity is to deploy a fiber or copper network which entails expensive and laborious trenching across the city. A more effective way to achieve broadband connectivity is to deploy a wireless radio network. Wireless broadband radios enable the deployment of highly sophisticated video surveillance networks that transmit high-quality video from multiple camera sites. Going wireless enables the flexibility to install cameras (and other surveillance devices) wherever needed and in a short space of time, while saving upon the expense of trenching and cabling.

RADWIN’s safe city solution assures superior performance while reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

RADWIN’s Safe City solution incorporates three elements:  

  • High capacity Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul
  • Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) for fiber-like connectivity to multiple nodes (e.g. CCTV sites)
  • Smart-Node - an all-in-one power and communication solution.

RADWIN’s wireless broadband solutions (PtP and PtMP) enable connectivity of multiple HD cameras on each site while maintaining superior video quality. This is guaranteed via dedicated bandwidth per camera site that transmits even in the harshest of environments.

In addition, RADWIN Smart-Node is the ultimate outdoor solution to power, connect and manage all radios, cameras and third-party devices (e.g., computing system for surveillance applications). The Smart-Node is an off-the shelf solution that speeds up implementation and offers greater flexibility to connect multiple devices. Smart-Node also reduces maintenance costs via intuitive management, monitoring and configuration capabilities. 

So if you're looking to simplify deployments, enjoy superior performance and lower your overall costs, RADWIN has got you covered!

For more information, download our Smart City or Smart-Node brochures!