Have your cake and eat it - TWICE!

Contrary to the title, this blog is not about food. It's actually about trade-offs.

In life, we are often faced with decisions where trade-offs are involved - choosing one thing at the expense of something else; you want a fancy sports car but you want it to be fuel-efficient, you can save money washing it, or go to the car-wash and free up your time for more fun things instead - you get the picture!

When it comes to wireless connectivity, licensed frequency radios deliver a robust service, but they are limited in spectrum. On the other hand, unlicensed band radios can deliver huge amounts of capacity, but are perceived as unreliable and prone to interference. So there is a trade-off between spectrum and capacity, cost (license fees) and reliability.

Service providers using the 3.5GHz licensed band for business access have made this trade-off by choosing reliable licensed frequency bands, while settling for limited capacity. However, with RADWIN’s new dual band base station ‘JET DUO’, the days of trade-offs are finally over!

When deploying JET DUO, service providers pay only once for installation and tower space but the reward is twofold. Firstly, with the delivery of lucrative SLA services over the licensed 3.5GHz - and secondly, by delivering highly reliable services to residential and small business owners over the unlicensed 5GHz band.

JET DUO retains all the great features and advantages of RADWIN's field-proven JET product series, including outstanding interference mitigation and carrier-class reliability. It provides service providers with the flexibility to choose the best frequency band per customer, while supplying up to 1.5Gbps per unit.

JET DUO cuts tower rental, installation, maintenance and management costs in half – ultimately reducing your TCO. And because it's a RADWIN product, truck rollouts are virtually unheard of – giving you peace of mind that your network can provide the kind of capacity that your business and residential customers are demanding.

So you see, with JET DUO, service providers really can have their cake and eat it – twice!

For more information about what RADWIN JET DUO can do for your network, watch the 'on-demand' webinar today or contact us!