Case Study: Electricity Cooperative 'Lights Up' Rural Nevada with High Capacity Broadband

The establishment of Valley Communications in 2016 was borne of a need to extend broadband services to homes and businesses in rural communities that were under-served by the incumbent operators, and also boost internet service speeds to fulfill customers’ ever-growing bandwidth demands.

To realize its mission of delivering high-speed, reliable
broadband to customers - even those living in remote
locations - Valley Communications decided to build an
all-optical-fiber network.

Download the Case Study to learn how Valley Communications delivers high-speed broadband to customers. 


"We recognized the growing need for high-speed broadband in our rural communities which are under-served by commercial service providers. To meet the need for broadband more quickly, we began flooding our service territory with wireless connectivity while continuing to methodically build up our fiber-optic network."

Ken Johnson - Executive VP,
Valley Communications Association